The Catholic University of America
The Catholic University of America Approved Scheduling Pattern
Effective beginning Fall 2013

Time Periods: Monday-Friday

75 Minute Classes
50 Minute Classes
150 Minute Classes
8:10 – 10:40
9:40-10:30 ***
9:40 – 12:10
11:10 – 12:00
11:10 – 1:40
12:40 – 1:30
12:40 – 3:10
2:10 – 4:40
3:40 – 6:10
5:10 – 7:40
6:40 – 9:10
*Classes can start anytime before or within period one as long as they end by 9:30 am.
**There is no conforming time requirement for classes starting after 7:30 pm.
***FYE classes will meet MWF 9:10 am & 10:10 am

  • Classes must begin and end according to the grid. All classes meeting for 75-minute sessions must begin at the start times in the first column and those in the 50 minute sessions must start at the times in the second column.
  • Meeting patterns:
    •  Monday/Wednesday/Friday- for 50-minutes classes that meet three times a week
    • Monday/Wednesday, Wednesday/Friday, Monday/Friday and Tuesday/Thursday- for 75-minute classes that meet two times per week
    • One day per week classes may be scheduled on any day of the week at the 150 minute class times.
Notes: courses that meet for 50 minutes, three times a week must meet on MWF. Unfortunately allowing any other three-day combinations would lead to extensive complications in student schedules.
Distribution Constraints:
Constraints are applied to all classes that have a meeting pattern. The constraints are applied to courses that meet in department spaces. Independent studies and courses without meeting patterns won’t be counted. Off-Campus courses are not counted, and the above schedule does not apply.
  • Departments may schedule UP TO 50% of all their classes during periods 3-5 (prime time).
  • Classes that span multiple periods will be counted multiple times.
  • Departments may schedule UP TO 50% of their courses in the T/TH meeting pattern
  • Of the courses offered two days per week on any combination of MWF, departments can only have 50% offered on MW. Departments must balance MW offerings with an equal number of MW and/or WF offerings.
  • Once-per-week classes must start according to the 150-minute meeting blocks.

If the once-per-week class starts prior to period 7 it must be paired in a two-day per week meeting pattern (MW, WF, TR) indicated above. For example, a M class starting in period 2 must be balanced with another W class starting in the same period. This matching provision does not apply to classes offered on Friday, beginning with period 6 and later.

Additional clarifications:
  • Very small departments will have difficulty meeting constraints regarding the spread of courses. Therefore, departments offering 6 or fewer courses per semester do not have to meet this or other percentage constraints, but they are expected nonetheless to provide a reasonable spread of courses over the day and week.
  • Classes can start anytime before or within period one as long as they end by 9:30 am.
  • There is no conforming time requirement for classes starting after 7:30 pm
  • FYE sections will continue to meet at the 9:10 and 10:10 time on MWF.