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Students Sponsored by a Third Party

Third Party Billing is when a domestic or foreign company, corporation, state or government agency, diocese, religious order, employer, embassy, etc. not related to the student has set up special billing arrangements to cover all or a portion of tuition and fees for the student(s) that they sponsor.   The student is responsible for ensuring that a payment authorization is on file in the Office of Enrollment Services.  All billing authorizations in the form of a letter, purchase order, or voucher must be on official agency letterhead.  We require the submission of an authorization document once a term, even in cases of dual semester contracts.  Authorizations must be received no later than one week after the add/drop date for each term.  Ultimately the student is responsible for payment of all unpaid charges, including late fees.  No commitment from an individual will be accepted.  Please submit written authorization to the attention of Angela Elum-Brooks (e-mail  You can fax the authorization to her attention in the Office of Enrollment Services at (202) 319-5831.

Students should not assume that financial support documents sent to the Office of Admissions or the International Students and Scholar Services office have been forwarded to the Office of Enrollment Services.  Such documents should be furnished directly to the Office of Enrollment Services by the student.

Students who will be reimbursed by an employer at the end of the term are not eligible for third party billing.  These students are responsible for paying the bill themselves by the due date.

The usual monthly bill will continue to be generated and will be sent to the student.  He or she should carefully review it to ensure that he or she pays any balance due not covered by the sponsor.


Students who are utilizing Department of Defense Tuition Assistance at CUA, should consult thetuition assistance webpage for complete information.

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