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Off-Campus Programs Rate Eligibility

Note: Effective Fall 2015 the below information is no longer current.  This page is maintained for historical rate information.  Current information on off-campus rates is available at
The off-campus programs rate applies to qualifying programs where the majority of courses are held at off-campus locations. Students enrolled in these programs are charged the off-campus programs rate during the Fall and Spring term for all courses regardless of class location.
The following programs qualify for the off-campus programs rate:
·         School of Engineering: Engineering Management (degree, non-degree, and certification)
·         School of Arts and Sciences: Off-campus Politics program
·         School of Nursing: Doctor of Nursing Practice program
In the School of Library and Information Science, students registered for fewer than 8 credits will be charged the off-campus programs rate only for courses taken at off-campus locations. Students registered for 8 or more credits will be charged the on-campus rate regardless of class location.
Students not enrolled in the programs above taking classes at off-campus locations will be charged the on-campus tuition rate.  Courses taken online are charged the on-campus tuition rate.

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