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CardinalPAY is CUA's online website for student account activity.  Students and their Authorized Payers can utilize CardinalPAY for the following:

  • Viewing account statements.
  • Submitting online payments via e-check, credit or debit card.  (Note: online payment is not required.  Information on additional payment options can be found on our Payment Options page.)
  • Enrolling in direct deposit of student account refunds.

All students automatically have access to CardinalPAY via their Cardinal Station account; the hyperlink to CardinalPAY can be found in the Finances section of the Cardinal Station Student Center. 

Students who wish to grant other individuals access to their account information (including notification of bills) must establish those individuals as Authorized Payers in CardinalPAY.  Authorized Payers will have with their own login name and password for the CardinalPAY website and will access CardinalPAY at  Instructions for setting up Authorized Payers can be found at

Individuals who have not been established as Authorized Payers on a student's account may use CardinalPAY to make payments but will be unable to view student statements or account activity.  Guest payers can access CardinalPAY here.

Detailed instructions for CardinalPAY are included below.

CardinalPAY Instructions:


Authorized Payers

Guest Payers

 CardinalPAY Frequently Asked Questions

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