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To make your academic scheduling process easier, we've developed some useful tools. Browse this page to learn new ways of approaching scheduling.


Summer 2018 Scheduling

Summer 2018 scheduling deadlines

Summer 2018 session dates

Summer Credit Hours Chart

Summer Sessions Scheduling Grids (suggested)

Fall 2018 Scheduling

Fall 2018 scheduling deadlines

Spring 2019 Scheduling

Spring 2019 scheduling deadlines

Training Resources

Schedule of Classes Manual 

Creating Your Term Schedule - comprehensive training on virtually all aspects of scheduling courses (offered May 2017)

Guidelines for Scheduling Online Courses

Academic Scheduling Training - This is an older but still relevent presentation on building course schedules

University Scheduling Grid training

How To Schedule Comprehensive Exams- goes over important steps to scheduling comps, as well as when the exams can be offered.

How to request necessary Computer Software Requirements

Reserve Capacities- Enrollment Services has put together this comprehensive explanation on how to utilize reserve capacities when setting up classes.

Faculty guide to Class Scheduling- this guide contains some important information faculty should know when planning their courses

Using Historical enrollment Figures -review this training materials on how to use historical enrollment figures when building your schedules

Managing course capacities and student registration- this reviews ways to improve the processing for setting course capacities and managing the student registration system. (prepared for fall 13)

Final Exam Information-This presentation goes over some important information about how final exams are scheduled, and how you can make adjustments to your final exam schedule

Checking your class schedule-This presentation goes over some of the common problems that occur when creating a class schedule.
Use this information to go through your class schedule and make sure you're avoiding these common oversights.
Adding Instructors to courses- This presentation reviews how to manage instructors in the instructor/advisor table and how to assign them to courses. It also reviews some of the most common problems academic schedulers encounter in this process
Scheduling Abroad Courses- This presentation goes through the few steps that you need to do to schedule an abroad course. Please also reference this information on scheduling abroad trips.
How to view final exam information in Cardinal Station can be found here.


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Easy Reference Job Aids

University Scheduling Grid

Contact Hours Chart

Non-Conforming Course Approval Form (return completed form to

Non-Conforming Course Approval Form instructions

How to run a course schedule compliance report

Adjust Course Capacity

This form should be used to adjust the enrollment capacity for a course that is already scheduled for a particular semester.

Bound Course Request Form

Course Schedule Request Form

For adding an existing course to a semester's schedule.

New Course Request Form

For creating a new course in the academic catalog - instructions here

Course Component Types

Grading Basis Types

New Software Request Form

Class Characteristic Codes

A quick reference on requesting a digital presentation room, computer lab, etc.

Final Exam Policy
FERPA Awareness Training
Enrollment Services Classroom Listing (sorted by size)