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Spring 2019

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Summer 2019

Scheduling Timeline

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Fall 2019

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Curriculum & Scheduling Forms

***Did you miss our recent training session on Scheduling?  Find the PowerPoint here.***


Catalog Forms

Catalog Addition Request

Use to request the addition of a new course 

Catalog Change Request

Use to request a change to an existing course

Scheduling Forms

Adjust Class Capacity

This form has been replaced with the Class Change Request form.

Bound Classes Request

Use to request that two or more class sections be scheduled together in a single classroom

Class Change Request

Use to request changes to a class already on the semester schedule, including changes to enrollment cap, meeting pattern, session, etc.

Class Scheduling Request

Use to request that a class be added to the semester schedule

Non-Conforming Class Approval Request

Use to request approval for classes with meeting patterns other than those identified in the University Scheduling Grid

Special Rooming Request 

Use to request a specific class space for a class

Software Forms

New Software Request

Use to request installation of new software in a university computer lab (form routes directly to Technology Services)


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University Scheduling Grid

Classroom Listing (Enrollment Services-controlled Rooms Only)

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Classroom Characteristic Codes


Training Materials

Schedule of Classes Manual

Compliance Reports

Creating Term Schedules

Comprehensive Exam Scheduling

Online Course Scheduling

Abroad Course Scheduling

Checking Your Term Schedule

Adding Instructors to Classes



Co-Curricular Scheduling Policy

Final Exam Policy

Grading System (Graduate)

Grading System (Undergraduate)