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BACK TO BACK COURSES: (form submitted online at bottom of page)

Back-to-back courses are courses that you would like scheduled together- in the same (or nearby) room. Back-to-back courses are taught by the same instructor with the second class starting very shortly after the conclusion of the first. These courses must have consecutive meeting patterns for the day(s) in which they are scheduled. Please keep in mind other factors, such as type and size of classroom required, also effect the ability to schedule back-to-back courses. Example:

ARCH 311-01 MWF 10:10 am ? 11:00 am
ARCH 308-01 MWF 11:10 am ? 12:00 pm

Enter up to 5 back-to-back requests on each submitted form with 2 (or 3) courses for each request.

Requestor Name
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For What Term
If for the summer, what session
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