The Catholic University of America

Student's Financial Responsibilities

Students should be aware of their financial responsibilities while utilizing VA benefits. Students with charges above and beyond those covered by their VA benefits should plan to pay for those charges in accordance with the posted deadlines on the Enrollment Services website.

Students should be aware of what charges will be covered by the VA, and plan to pay any remaining charges at the beginning of each academic term and in accordance with the posted deadlines.

Students will be subject to financial holds if they do not pay their financial obligations by the published deadline. Holds will prevent students from being able to register for future semesters, receive transcripts, and participate in the housing lottery.

Enrollment Services, when possible, strives to exempt students from negative outstanding balance holds, when their balance is a result of delays in the VA’s payment of tuition and fees to the university.  If a student’s full outstanding balance is expected to be paid directly to the school from the VA, Enrollment Services will work with the student to release any holds to allow for registration, transcripts, and participation in the housing lottery. In these instances, it is the responsibility of the student to reach out to Enrollment Services via to have holds released from their account.

Monthly Payment Plan

We highly recommend students utilize the payment plan option to pay institutional fees which they may be receiving VA allowances for such as housing costs.

Students may enroll in an optional monthly payment plan for a nominal enrollment fee. Students enrolled in the payment plan will be billed monthly by the payment plan provider. Full payment of the amount billed by the payment plan provider does not necessarily mean the student’s CUA account is paid in full. Students must review their CUA account statements to ensure the budgeted payment plan payments are sufficient to cover their balances with the University.
Students are required to pay any outstanding balances above the budgeted payment plan amounts directly to the University by the payment due date.

Interest Charges & Late Fees

Students with charges above and beyond those that are paid directly to CUA by the VA, should plan to pay for those charges in accordance with the posted deadlines on the Enrollment Services website.
Students utilizing VA educational benefits are subject to both late fees and interest charges for any account balances not paid by the posted deadline.
For students who have VA educational beneftis paid directly to CUA (chapter 33, Yellow Ribbon, and chapter 31) interest & late fee charges will be assessed 30 days after the student's final VA payments is received for that semester. Students utilizing VA educational benefits that are paid directly to the student (chapter 30, 35, 1606), students should arrange to pay their tuition & fees by the published deadlines or they will be subject to interest and late fees.
If students feel they have extenuating circumstances that need to be considered, please email