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CardinalPAY Instructions for Authorized Payers

Becoming an Authorized Payer

Logging In
Viewing Current Bill
Viewing Past Bills
Making Payments
Change E-Mail Address
Direct Deposit of Refunds: Parent PLUS Loans
Pay Housing Deposit

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Becoming an Authorized Payer

Student must set you up any Authorized Payers on their account.  At the time of the account set-up, the student will create a login name and password for each Authorized Payer.  The student will need to provide the giving you your temporary password.  Login names and passwords are case-sensitive.

Authorized Payers will receive an automated e-mail notifying them that their account has been established.  This email will provide the login name and a hyperlink to the CardinalPAY website.  Students must tell Authorized Payers their temporary passwords; CUA does not have access to CardinalPAY password information.  In their initial visit to the CardinalPAY site, Authorized Payers will be required to reset their password.

There is no limit to the number of Authorized Payers allowed. 

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Logging In

Authorized Payers can log into CardinalPAY at

Check the Message Board for important announcements, information, and reminders.

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Viewing Current Bill

Students and Authorized Payer(s) will receive e-mail notification whenever a new statement is available in CardinalPAY.  To view a statement, select View & Pay Accounts from the left-hand menu in CardinalPAY, then select the hyperlink for View Latest Statement which is nested in the Statement Information box on the right-hand side of the page.  Instructions on how to read statements are available at

The statement is available in web and PDF versions.  The web version automatically displays when you select Current Statement.  To view the PDF version, select the PDF icon on the right-hand side of the web statement.  The PDF statement includes a remittance coupon at the bottom that should be used if you are mailing a payment. For more information read the Payment Options page.

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Viewing Past Bills

Select View & Pay Accounts from the left-hand menu in CardinalPAY, then select View Tuition and Fees Details towards the bottom of the page. From there, select the Statement History tab near the bottom of the page and then select the hyperlinked date for the statement you wish to view.

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Making Payments

Select View & Pay Accounts from the left-hand menu in CardinalPAY.

Select the Make Payment button just under the Tuition and Fees header to make a payment towards tuition and fees.  To make a deposit payment, select the bar for Graduate and Law Enrollment Deposits or Housing Deposit and then select the Make Payment button.

On the Payment Amount page, complete the three fields:
Term:  Select from the drop-down list the term to which the payment is be applied.
Payment Amount:  Enter in the dollar amount of the payment you wish to make.
Payment Method:  Select either Credit Card (which includes debit cards) or e-Check.

e-Check: This is a payment directly from your checking or savings account. In order to make an e-Check payment, you will need:

  • the name of the bank account holder
  • the account type (checking or savings)
  • the bank routing number (9 digits)
  • the checking or savings account number (the second set of digits on your check, excluding the check number)

Note: Some bank accounts, such as investment accounts, money market accounts, home equity loans, and HELOCs (home equity line of credit) do not allow on-line (ACH) payments and may not be used for the e-Check option. Please check with the financial institution which holds the account to find out if it allows an on-line (ACH) payment before you enter the payment transaction.

Credit or Debit Card (American Express, Discover, MasterCard, Visa):  In order to make a credit or debit card payment, you will need:

  • the cardholder's name
  • the card type (American Express, Discover, MasterCard, Visa)
  • the credit card number
  • the credit card expiration date
  • your e-mail address for contact information

Debit cards usually have a daily limit;  verify this limit with the issuing bank before processing your payment.

A nonrefundable 2.75% service fee is assessed to the cardholder for credit and debit card payments.  There is no charge for e-check payments.

Once the payment has been processed, you will receive a confirmation number by e-mail to the address you provided when making the payment.

In most cases, the payment will be applied immediately to the student account;  receipt of payment can be confirmed by the student in Cardinal Station after completion of the payment transaction.

Credit card and check information can be stored in Payment Profiles for future payments.

For information about other payment options, see our Payment Options page.

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Change E-Mail Address

Select User Preferences from the left-hand menu in CardinalPAY.  You may add or change up two e-mail addresses.  Select Save when done.

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Direct Deposit of Refunds: Parent PLUS Loans

Authorized Payers who are also Parent PLUS borrowers have the option of having refunds deposited directly into their checking or savings accounts.   Refunds are issued to PLUS loan borrowers when the PLUS loan disbursement results in an overpayment of the student account.  If a balance is owed on the account at the time of the PLUS loan disbursement, no refund will be issued to the PLUS loan borrower.  If the account enters into a credit balance at a later date due to additional payments or credits, the resulting refund will be issued to the student rather than to the PLUS loan borrower.

Authorized Payers utilizing direct deposit are responsible for updating bank information as needed.

To enroll in Direct Deposit:

  • Select Direct Deposit from the left-hand menu in CardinalPAY.
  • Enter your CUA Parent ID number.  To obtain a number, contact
  • Select New Banking Info or chose an ACH account from any you have stored in your payment profiles.
  • Enter name, address, telephone, and bank routing information in the provided fields and select the Continue button.
  • Verify the accuracy of the information displayed on the confirmation page.  If correct, select Confirm to save and enroll in Direct Deposit; if incorrect, select Edit Banking Info to make changes to the information or Cancel to cancel the transaction.
  • A Direct Deposit Enrollment Receipt will be displayed.

To Deactivate Direct Deposit Enrollment:

  • Select Direct Deposit from the left-hand menu in CardinalPAY.
  • Your direct deposit enrollment information will appear.
  • Select Deactivate Direct Deposit.
  • A confirmation message will appear.  Select OK to deactivate or Cancel to cancel the deactivation.

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Pay Housing Deposit

Select View & Pay Accounts from the left-hand menu in CardinalPAY.

Select the Housing Deposit option from near the bottom of the page.

Select the Make Payment button.

Select the Term to which the deposit is to be applied, select the payment method (eCheck or credit card), and then select the Continue button.

Enter the payment information on the following page and select the Continue button. Review the information on the confirmation page before selecting the Confirm button.

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