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Authorized Payers

Students who wish to grant other individuals access to their account information (including notification of bills) must establish those individuals as Authorized Payers in CardinalPAY.  The university is unable to discuss or disclose account information to any person other than the student unless the student has established that individual(s) as an Authorized Payer on his or her account.  An Authorized Payer account should be established for each individual that a student wishes to have access to his or her account information.

Authorized Payers will have with their own login name and password for the CardinalPAY website where they can access billing statements and make online payments.

Setting Up Authorized Payers

Authorized Payer Log-In

Authorized Payer Instructions

Setting Up Authorized Payers 

NOTE: New undergraduate students will not have access to establish Authorized Payers until early June.

1. Log on to Cardinal Station.

2. On the main screen (Student Center), select the CardinalPAY hyperlink from the Finances section. Select the CardinalPAY link in the Finances section of the Cardinal Station Student Center
3. On the following screen, select the yellow CardinalPAY button to open CardinalPAY in a new browser window.  (Note: Your pop-up blocker must be disabled.)  Select the CardinalPAY button
4. Once in CardinalPAY, select Authorize Payers from the left-hand menu.  Select Authorize Payers from the left-hand menu
5. Select the blue Add New button to add a new Authorized Payer.  Select Add to enter Authorized Payer information

6. On the following screen, enter the name and e-mail address of your Authorized Payer and create a login name and temporary password for their account.  (Note: login names and passwords are case sensitive.)

7. Select the blue Add button to save the Authorized Payer to your account.

 Enter Authorized Payer informatoin and select the Add button.
8. Repeat steps 5-7 to add additional Authorized Payers. 
Each individual established as an Authorized Payer will receive an automated e-mail with their login name and the hyperlink to the Authorized Payer login page.  Students must tell Authorized Payers the temporary password that was established in step 6 above.

Authorized Payer Log-In

Authorized Payers will receive automated e-mails stating that the student has set them up as Authorized Payers and will provide login names and a hyperlink to CardinalPAY.  Students must tell Authorized Payers their temporary passwords.  In their initial CardinalPAY login, Authorized Payers will be required to establish a new password.

The website for Authorized Payer access to CardinalPAY is

Authorized Payers may edit and/or add an additional email address by selecting the User Preferences option from the left-hand menu in CardinalPAY. 

Click here for additional information about the CardinalPAY system.